Be an Angel!  Help folks in Grethel, Kentucky have a Christmas!
We are asking you to "be an angel" by joining us in our annual Christmas Drive to help make Christmas for some folks in Eastern Kentucky.
This will be the tenth year we've done outreach for this community. Over the years, many people have come together to help send a truckload of much needed items to this tiny community nestled in the lower appalachian mountains.
Organizations that have partnered with this effort are:
Grethel is a community where about 2,000 people gather just before Christmas to share a meal, to choose a gift from a donated assortment, and to let the children see Santa and get a toy. This has become a valued tradition for this community.  Let us tell you why.
About 60% of the folks who live in the immediate area surrounding Grethel, Kentucky are at or well below poverty level.  Many of them are unemployed.  Those who are employed are mostly working part time, minimum wage jobs. There are many people in the area that lives in a sub-standard environment, with no electricity or indoor plumbing. It is difficult for them to support themselves or their families under such conditions.
Folks who need medical care and social service assistance go to Mud Creek Clinic for assistance. Ms. Eula Hall, Founder and Director of Mud Creek Community Health Corporation and Mud Creek Clinic, works tirelessly to advocate for the patient and for the person. She also organized a Christmas Party effort, which now takes place annually. If enough is donated for their Christmas, the children will get one toy and a bag of fruit and candy. The adults will get canned goods or one item for the home, a fruit and candy bag, and be treated to a Christmas Dinner in December. 
That's where Angels of the Rainbow come in.  This is a community outreach of Rainbow Spiritual Education Center, Inc.
We heard about Eula's dilemma, and the extreme need for assistance, and decided we would adopt this effort as our Christmas.  What do we do?  We network!  We bring together folks who need with folks who have; we help to get donated food, toys, financial gifts and other items to Eula and Mud Creek Clinic.  Now, we want you to join in this effort.
If you would like to make a donation, please bring your donation to the Center by Dec. 16, 2010:
Location:  2701 Lindsay Ave. Louisville, KY
                (Lindsay at Hite, 1/2 mile from Brownsboro Rd.)
100% of all donations are delivered directly to Mud Creek Clinic (with exception of PayPal fee on monetary gifts). Rainbow Spiritual Education Center, Inc. (RSEC) does not keep any donations unless specified for RSEC.
If you would like to make a donation to Rainbow Spiritual Education Center, Inc. for the cost of the truck, gas, printing, and related expenses, it would be very appreciated. 
Now, you can donate through online services:
Donation for Mud Creek Community Health Corp.
Donation to Rainbow Spiritual Education Center for expenses
You may also send your donations directly to:
Mud Creek Community Health Corp.
Attn.: Eula Hall
Route 979, P.O. Box 129
Grethel, KY  41631. 
Remember that you know somebody who knows somebody who knows somebody. . .
Tell people about the Angels of the Rainbow effort!
HISTORY:  Angels of the Rainbow has been doing this particular community outreach since 1997. Initially, a group of very determined individuals responded to the need in Grethel and started the Angels of the Rainbow effort.  In 2001, the Angels of the Rainbow became and outreach program of the Rainbow Spiritual Education Center, Inc. 
You can learn more about Mud Creek Clinic, Eula Hall, and the folks of Grethel at these sites:,,20063468,00.html

Born of Suffering

Falling Behind in Kentucky  go to the photo of Eula and listen to an excerpt from an interview with her.
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Rainbow Spiritual Education Center, Inc.

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Angels of the Rainbow
Appalachian Christmas Drive 2010 - Deadline Dec. 16th
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