We invite all who are committed to learning this process to participate, regardless of the nature of issues or recovery needs.  Whether you are dealing with addictions, dysfunctional systems or just want to do some inner reflecting, you are welcome to participate.  Our only request is our code:  Reflect with respect.

The Medicine Wheel & The Twelve-Steps Program is a program about recovery. White Bison, Inc. has given this program to many communities across the country to promote sobriety and wellness (wellbriety).  The Rainbow Spiritual Education Center, Inc. offers this program as a wellness program and invites all who are committed to learning this process to participate, regardless of the nature of issues or recovery needs.

This is a facilitated program. The First Facilitators for the program were trained by White Bison, Inc. to assist participants in learning and working through The Medicine Wheel & The Twelve-Steps. Due to the overwhelming interest in this program, and the evolution of the material to address other issues, Rainbow Spiritual Education Center, Inc. has begun training facilitators to conduct circles.

There are many paths to recovery. This is only one of them. In this approach, the power of a 12-step program is blended with the power of the traditional Medicine Wheel teachings and American Indian ceremonies.

This program was created as a give away. This means no profit can be made. You can take from it what you feel will help you grow, and if you choose, you may pass it on to the next person you feel will benefit from it.

The Medicine Wheel & The Twelve-Steps was designed to not intrude on any particular American Indian or other culture. The program allows you to insert your own cultures in this recovery process. The basic premise from which this program was created is that:
1.All native cultures believe in a Supreme Being/Creator (Higher Power).
2.We believe in the Elders as a guiding force.
3.We believe all tribal nations are different from each other.
4.We believe that alcohol (addiction, dysfunctional family system) is destroying us and we  
         want to recover.
5.We believe there is a natural order running the universe.
6.We believe our traditional ways were knowledgeable about the natural order.
7.A spiritual person is one who screws up everyday and keeps coming back to the Creator.
8.Those who walk this road will find that our thoughts must change to the way Warriors think.

This program was designed to bring the natural order back into our lives so we can return to our communities to help rebuild our family and assume our role as Warriors. It’s a Warrior’s path that can move a person from despair to a life that includes happiness and service to other people. Working the steps and making them a part of everyday life is a Warrior’s journey. Becoming (healthier) is a journey into the self, a sojourn in which a person discovers what spirituality means.

It is important to work each step individually and without a “have to” attitude, but with the attitude that you want to and you are looking forward to it. Your awareness of your inner self awakens and you begin to look forward to the next step.

The next circle will begin Saturday, February 9, 2013. 

The program requires a commitment to attend 9:00am to 5:00pm on Feb. 9, and 2 hours on Thursday nights (7:00-9:00) for approximately 10-12 weeks.

Registration REQUIRED:  Please register for the program by sending an email with name, email and phone number, or by calling the Rainbow Center.  Registration necessary in order to plan for materials.  We reserve the right to postpone this program if less than 12 people register.

Cost:                Free - donations will be accepted to help cover costs of materials

Location:        Rainbow Spiritual Education Center, Inc., 2701 Lindsay Ave.
(at Hite Ave. in the Pfeiffer Building).

A Wellness Program of Rainbow Spiritual Education Center, Inc.
Honor & Appreciation
The Rainbow Spiritual Education Center, Inc. is grateful to Don Coyhis and White Bison, Inc. for giving us The Medicine Wheel & Twelve-Steps program to use as one of the Center's Wellness Programs.

We are thankful to the Creator and to the Elders who have brought the Medicine Wheel teachings to us.

We are grateful for the tough journeys many have endured in order to bring the wisdom of the Twelve-Step process to anyone willing to learn them.


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Informational Presentation
Learn more about program; ask questions
Thur. Jan. 24, 7pm
Sun. Jan. 27, 1pm

Next Circle begins:  Sat. February 9, 2013

See below for Dates, Registration and information.

BRING:  3-ring notebook (1-inch empty) and Sack Lunch